Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 25: 30 Paintings in 30 Days!

"Eyes of the Forest"      NFS
Image:  15" x 11"      Watercolor
This painting started out as just a tree painting.  Then, I just had to add a bird.  My intention is to have the viewer aware of how we need to preserve our world by recycling, and conserving energy as much as we can.  Our forests are beautiful and I want them around for generations to come. I intentionally made the bird illusionary, as if it were a ghostly being, watching over its habitat.  That's why I named it "Eyes of the Forest".  I worked on this painting all day today, and may enter this painting into an upcoming national show, so I'm not selling it yet.  If interested, you can private message me.


  1. Very nice piece Karen! Love everything about it and the message as well. Good luck in the art show.

  2. Very powerful piece! Do enter it into the contest you mentioned! It is a winner.

  3. A beautiful piece. I really admire your compositions & colors.

  4. Hi Karen, I am still following your art and really enjoying all of it. This one is my favorite so far. Eyes of the Forest is a terrific painting.

    1. Thanks, Faye. I've missed seeing your blogs lately. Sure hope everything is OK. My email is Keep in touch.

  5. Karen, ALL the paintings are aaaaawesome! Loved the whole month and this last one is indeed a winner!



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